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Posted: 1 month ago / Sep 22, 2021

Steam Name:Cream Cheese W Pie


RP (Ingame) Name:Cream Cheese W Pie




Steam URL:


Are you on our Discord? (Name and Discord ID):Herr Der Неудача#2014


Time In server (Must have more than 12 hours.):1d,10hrs




Time-Zone (e.g UTC, BST):EST


Age (need to be 15 Y/O) :15


Do you have a microphone and are you willing to use it? (This is not a requirement but makes everything easier):Yes,


How many warnings do you have on the server? :FRPx3 bc I arrested a staff in a joking manor (really sorry ab it)


Have you been banned/kicked on the server? (If so state why)I was kicked by the Moderator Kat for telling him that I'd make a staff report with the video of him Abusing and letting a MRDMer continue to RDM if he killed a guy that was bugging him.


Do you have past experience of being Staff? (If so state the rank and your tasks):Yes I was Staff manager for Slaverp,Event Manager for Fuzion Networks,Event Manager/Operator for BlazeRP,Head Admin on Icefuse(I hate myself for working for icefuse)


How much time could you spend on the server in an average week?:like 3-4 days on an active.


What values would you add to the team? :I've been playing the server for awhile now and know most of the OG members and have had a good experience with past server's run by Smokey and,El Chingon.


Why do you want to be staff? :So I can deal with people who break rules considering there's one active staff and that's Kat and he shouldn't have to spend all of his time staffing.


Tell us more about yourself :I'm german,I used to cheat on gmod on the old server run by smokey before he convinced me so stop then I rlly just started to vibe with him and the old staff team and I kinda wanna get staff on their new server.


Were you recommended by anyone in particular? :no.

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